Sunflower Oil Cake

Sunflower Oil Cake

The Sunflower Oil Cake, provided by us, is acclaimed for its quality. We make sure that there will be no damage to the products that we deliver to the customers. For this, we use high-quality packaging material and hi-tech machines ensuring the same. Our products are specially produces using premium raw materials to ensure they conform to international management systems of quality.

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Sunflower oil cake – a high-protein food product, obtained by squeezing oil from sunflower seeds by pressing, the valuable protein component in the production of animal feed.

It’s chemical composition varies depending on the presence of the husks; for large quantities of its fiber content is increased to 32%. Sunflower seed cake contains water of not more than 11%, a protein at least 35%, ash 6.5% to 14% of husk. 1 kg of cake contained 1.09 feed units and 396 protein.

The introduction of sunflower meal in the diet of animals has a positive effect on metabolism, strengthens the immune system, improves the growth of young animals, poultry egg production increases.

The valuable protein component in the production of animal feeds can be fed to any animal species, in dry or wet form positive effect on metabolism

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